‘I enjoyed being coached by Rupert a lot. He has a very gentle approach to coaching and helped me question some of my beliefs. He made me see that I have a choice whether to attach to a thought or let it go. I felt a lot more at ease after talking to him. He has a great way of making you feel heard and helps to see things from a different perspective.’  M.

 These sessions I can honestly say have been life changing. I cannot thank Rupert enough for the patient and safe ear he has given me. These thoughts ruined many summers/ weekends etc with my children and without the guilty thoughts of the past (thanks to these sessions) we can all move forward with excitement and a little more stability in my world. My world around me hasn’t changed but my quality of life has and will continue to improve the more I get used to this new me!   K.

Coaching has been an easy and, for me, an essential integration into my life. I am constantly using the skills that have been developed in the sessions and can confidently say these sessions have changed my life for the better.
The sessions are so helpful especially at times when my anxiety is taking over and I forget how to calm the thoughts. Rupert is a great listener and very empathetic with the thinking and just seems to know how to stop the thought storms.  K