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Glass half empty or half full?

If I were to ask you how you view your life in general using a metaphor of a glass of water. Would you see it as half full or half empty? My definition of seeing life as half full would be trying to see… Continue Reading “Glass half empty or half full?”

Your thinking, normal or familiar!

What is normal, and what is familiar? Experts estimate the average person is said to have about 60,0000 thoughts a day. It is said that a majority of the thoughts we have today are the same ones we had yesterday, and the day before… Continue Reading “Your thinking, normal or familiar!”

The past always fades

Over the weekend I was reminded how far I have come from the person I once was. It seems to me that my past, i.e. my bad memories seem to constantly fade and disappear into thin air, just like the contrails from a plane.… Continue Reading “The past always fades”